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Every month a swimmer will be selected by the coaches for their dedication to swimming, training, teamwork and enthusiasm. The swimmer of the month receives a feature in the coaches newsletter.

August  2017 -       Lara McDonald 

Welcome to the Wangaratta Swimming Club Website


State Team Selection

Well done to Maggie on her state team selection.
As a result of her performances at Vic Age SC Maggie has been selected as part of the Victorian team to compete at the State Teams Challenge at the AIS in the last week of September.

2017 Vic torian Age SC Championships

Well done to the swimmers who competed at Vic Age SC.
The club was  the second country club on points.
Maggie won 2 Silver and 2 Bronze along with 6 other finals swims.
Claire finished 6th in her 200 Breaststroke
Campbell, Lucy H, Henry, Aidan, Brooke and Gabe all had personal best swims and improved their rankings.

2017 Victorian Country SC Championships

Well done to all Wangaratta swimmers at Country Championships.
The club again finishing in the top 10.
There were 56 personal best times swum over the weekend.
Maggie won Gold and 5 Silver. Grace won Bronze.
Claire, Lucy H, Aidan, Brooke and Gabe also contributed to the point score.
Hayden, Lucy H, Aidan, Brooke and Gabe swam 100% personal bests.


2017 Ovens & Murray SC Championships

Great swimming at the O&M Short Course Championships. With the club finishing first, in addition both our men and women finished on top of their point scores. There were a lot of finalists who contributed to this great result. Maggie was the female swimmer of the meet and she also broken two records.

Finalists – Eva, Milli, Ruby, Hayden, Lucy C, Callum, Claire, Dan, Lucy H, Henry, Tayah, Lara, Ryan, Izabell, Tessa, Giann, Maggie, Aidan, Brooke and Gabe.

Medal winners – Hayden (Silver), Lucy C (2 Silver, 2 Bronze), Callum (3 Gold, 2 Silver, Bronze), Claire (3 Silver, 2 Bronze), Lucy H (Silver), Henry (Gold, 5 Silver), Ryan (2 Silver, 2 Bronze), Izabell (Bronze), Giann (2 Gold, Silver, Bronze), Maggie (5 Gold, 4 Silver, 2 Bronze), Aidan (4 Gold, Bronze), Brooke (Gold, 3 Silver), Gabe (2 Gold, Silver, Bronze)

Male and Female swimmers of the meet

Coaching Success

Congratulations to Head Coach Mark who received an achivement award at the recent Swimming Victoria / ASTCA awards.
Coach Deb has been selected onto the coaching team for the Victorian Country Development squad.


2016/17 JX Award Winners

Congratulations to the swimmers listed on their achievements.

Allen, Eva


Frazer, Eliza


Philpotts, Ryan


Allen, Millicent


Hernan, Claire


Skewes, Maggie


Atkinson, Maisy


Hughes, Lucy


Thomson, Aidan


Bittner, Ruby


Kay, Emily


Thwaites, Brooke


Campbell, Eliza


Lee, Henry


Thwaites, Jasmin


Cole, Hayden


Martens, Tayah


Watson, Gabe


Cole, Lucy


McDonald, Lara


Watson, Zack


Frazer, Campbell






2017 GHF Australian Age Championships

Congratulations to Maggie and Coach Mark on their first National medal.
Maggie won Silver in the 12-13 100m Butterfly in a personal best and Country record time. Maggie fininshed 6th in the 100m Freestyle, 11th in the 50m Freestyle and 20th in the 200m Backstroke.

2017 Presentation Night

Congratulations to all those who recieved awards.
The Club Captains for the next year were announced.
Congratulations to Claire Hernan and Gabe Watson on their appointment..


2017 Country All Junior

Well Done at Country All Junior.
Aidan and Hayden won Bronze in their Breaststroke.
Finals swims to Hayden, Lucy C,Campbell, Lucy H, Tayah, Aidan and Brooke
Personal best times to Eva, Milli, Ruby, Hayden, Lucy C, Campbell, Eliza, Lucy H, Ryan, Aidan, Brooke and Jazzie.

2017 Ovens and Murray Relay Championships

Swimmers performances were outstanding at the realy Championships. They were kept busy moving from one realy to the next with little rest in between. Those who swam up age groups were tremendous. Special mention to 11 year old Hayden who anchored the Open Medley to Bronze.

Female 14 & Under 200 Medley
Ruby Bittner, Brooke Thwaites, Maggie Skewes, Lucy Hughes  
Female 10 & Under 200 Medley
Tayah Martens, Lucy Cole, Eva Allen, Jasmin Thwaites
Female 16 & Under 200 Medley
Brooke Thwaites, Claire Hernan, Maggie Skewes, Lucy Hughes  
Female 10 & Under 200 Free
Lucy Cole, Eva Allen, Tayah Martens, Jasmin Thwaites
Female Open 200 Medley
Brooke Thwaites, Claire Hernan, Maggie Skewes, Lucy Hughes
Female 16 & Under 200 Free
Maggie Skewes, Claire Hernan, Lucy Hughes, Brooke Thwaites
Male 14 & Under 200 Medley
Ryan Philpotts, Aidan Thomson, Hayden Cole, Daniel Hughes
Female Open 200 Free
Maggie Skewes, Claire Hernan, Lucy Hughes, Brooke Thwaites
Male 16 & Under 200 Medley
Hayden Cole, Aidan Thomson, Gabe Watson, Ryan Philpotts
Male 14 & Under 200 Free
Aidan Thomson, Hayden Cole, Ryan Philpotts, Daniel Hughes
Female 14 & Under 200 Free
Maggie Skewes, Lucy Hughes, Brooke Thwaites, Ruby Bittner
Male Open 200 Medley
Gabe Watson, Aidan Thomson, Jack Synnot, Hayden Cole
Male 16 & Under 200 Free
Aidan Thomson, Gabe Watson, Hayden Cole, Ryan Philpotts

2017 Ovens and Murray Championships

Awesome results at the O&M Championships.
Claire & Maggie - Age Group Champions.
Maggie - Frank Fenwick Trophy -Closest to National 100m Butterfly time
Brooke - Gwen Miller Trophy 14 100m Breaststroke
Claire - 4 Gold, 4 Silver
Maggie - 4 Gold, 2 Silver, 4 Bronze
Gabe - 2 Gold, 2 Silver, 2 Bronze
Aidan - 2 Gold, 3 Bronze
Brooke - 2 Gold, Bronze
Hayden - Gold, Silver, 3 Bronze
Lucy C - Gold, 5 Silver
Tayah - 2 Silver, Bronze
Jack - Silver
Lucy H - Bronze
PB's to Milli, Hayden, Lucy C, Claire, Lucy H, Henry, Tayah, Maggie, Aidan, Brooke, Jasmin, Gabe

2017 All Junior Heats

Well done at All Junior heats.
All our swimmers progressed to the Semi-finals to be held at MSAC on Saturday 18th March. Those who are in the top ten will then progress to the finals on Sunday 19th February.
Those who have progressed are Eva (3), Milli (3), Ruby (2), Ellie (1), Hayden (4), Lucy C (3), Campbell (4), Eliza (1), Lucy H (4), Henry (2), Tayah (3), Lara (4), Ryan (4), Aidan (4), Brooke (4) and Jasmin (1).

2017 Victorian Sprint Championships

More terrific swimming at Vic Sprints.
Maggie - Silver 50 Butterfly
Izzy - Final 50 Butterfly
Grace - Final 50 Breaststroke
Zoe - Final 50 Breaststroke. Her first state level final.

Personal best times to: Milli, Ruby, Hayden, Campbell, Lucy H, Henry, Maggie, Aidan, Brooke, Gabe.

2017 Victorian Country Championships

Great results from the 22 swimmers who represented Wangaratta at Vic Countries.
The Girls team fininshed 2nd on the women's point score.
On the overall point score the club was 7th.

Elli - Swimmer of the meet,
      Australia Day Medal for highest FINA point scoring swim.
9 Gold, 3 Silver, Bronze.
Maggie - 2 Gold, 3 Silver, Bronze
Izzy - Silver, Bronze.
Grace - Silver, Bronze.
Lucy H - Silver, Bronze.
Lara - Bronze.
Brooke - Bronze
Zoe - Bronze
Claire - 2 Finals
Personal Best tomes to - Ruby, Hayden, Lucy C, Campbell, Claire, Lucy H, Lara, Maggie, Aidan, Brooke, Elli, Gabe.

2017 Victorian Age Championships

Well Done to the 15 swimmers who represented Wangaratta at Vic Age.
Girls 22nd and Club 29th out of over 100 clubs. Making us the highest placed Ovens and Murray club, and the 3rd Country club.
Maggie - Gold 100 Fly; Silver 50 Free, 200 Free, 200 Back, Bronze 200 IM, 100 Free 4th, 9 PB's
Elli - 200 Free 4th, 100 Fly 5th, 200 Fly 6th, 100 Free 7th, PB's
Claire - 200 Breast Stroke 7th
Personal Best swims to Izzy, Campbell, Lucy H, Lara
Others who competed were Brooke, Bridget, Hayden, Aidan, Gabe, Lucy C, Milli and Eliza.

2016 7-10 Competition

Eva, Lucy C, Tayah and Jazzie represented the Ovens and Murray at theis meet. All swam personal best times.

Elli and Mark at State Teams Short Course

Belinda Hocking Drops in on Training
Commonwealth Games and Pan Pacific Gold medalist Belinda Hocking dropped in on training. Belinda showed off her hardware and offered advice to the swimmers. Belinda also spoke of her journey.

Cameron, Jack, Izzy, Brianna, Grace and Emma with Leigh Nugent

Elli and Brianna with World Champinship and Olympic Medallist
Andrew Lauterstein

Lucy, Shayla and Annabelle with Olympian, World Champion and
World Record Holder Linley Frame

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