Joining the Club

Wangaratta Amateur Swimming Club is a community-based, family-focussed club, promoting swimming and a healthy lifestyle through competitive swimming.

To ensure that the duty of care to all swimmers is not compromised.

Those wishing to join Wangaratta Amateur Swimming Club must be able to do the following.

Be in the highest group of their learn-to-swim program.

Swim 100 metres of Freestyle with correct technique.

Swim 50 metres of Back Stroke and Breast Stroke with correct technique.

Perform 50 metres of Body Dolphin with correct technique.

Have a basic understanding of Butterfly.

As squad swimming and learn-to-swim have a different emphasis, swimmers who join Wangaratta Amateur Swimming Club from a learn-to-swim program are encouraged to continue with their swimming lessons. To facilitate this, there is a learn-to-swim transition program.

Parents of prospective members will discuss the suitability of their child entering the Wangaratta Amateur Swimming Club program with the Squad coach and the Head coach.

Prospective members are encouraged to make full use of the three (3) week trial period.

To express your interest contact Head Coach, Mark Synnot.